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In May 2011, Matt Levy and Ken Metnick engaged in a 7 day trial on behalf of a young child, who was only six years of age when he was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident in Boynton Beach, Florida, which resulted in the traumatic amputation of his left leg below-the-knee. Evidence showed that the child was partially ejected from his father’s SUV through a passenger-side window. There was no contact between the two vehicles. The child’s seatbelt was found in the upright and locked position, leading the police to conclude he was not belted. The Defense contended that the child’s left leg amputation was solely due to not being seat belted in his vehicle, attempting to shift the blame to the child’s father. The Defense also argued to the jury that the child should only be awarded $190,000.00 in damages. A Palm Beach County jury, however, disagreed with the Defense and found that the Defendant, who had cut off the vehicle in which the child was a passenger, was primarily responsible for the accident and the child’s devastating leg injury. The jury’s verdict will help compensate the child for his costly medical treatment to date, for his medical needs in the future, and for his pain and suffering. Amputation/Limb Loss, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Automobile accident