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Kenneth Metnick and Peter Dyson resolved a life insurance lawsuit that was litigated in the Federal Court on behalf of the family of an elderly man who had passed away from cancer shortly after purchasing a life insurance policy. The insurance company denied his family’s claim for the life insurance proceeds by failing to disclose that he had been diagnosed with cancer when he applied for and purchased the insurance policy. The insurance company also alleged that the Decedent had engaged in an illegal transaction that would have voided the insurance policy. However, an inter-office email transmission sent by the insurance company was discovered by Peter Dyson in a stack of thousands of pages of documents that moved up the effective date of the Decedent’s insurance policy to a date when the Decedent had yet to be diagnosed with cancer. This discovery destroyed the insurance company’s position in the case and resulted in a large settlement on behalf of the Decedent’s family. Life Insurance Denial, Life Insurance Dispute, Wills and Trust