Dyson Law   Accident Injury Attorneys in Palm Beach County

Ken Metnick and Peter Dyson co-tried a tragic airplane crash case in Broward County, Florida, which resulted in the death of all four passengers and the pilot on board. The plane crashed over the ocean due to the onset of inclement weather which the pilot was unable to navigate through. The firm represented the widowed father of one of the deceased passengers who was an adult. The case was tried under an area of the law known as the Death on High Seas Act (DOHSA), which holds that only Loss of Companionship damages may be awarded to the survivor and not the typical Pain and Suffering damages which can be awarded under the Florida Wrongful Death Act. The firm tried the case after the Defendant’s insurance carrier refused to pay our client only one-fourth of the Defendant’s $1 million insurance policy. After this refusal by the Defendant, which offered nothing, Mr. Metnick and Mr. Dyson were able to obtain a verdict that was 20 times the amount of the firm’s monetary demand. Airplane case, Wrongful Death, Death on High Seas Act, Personal Injury