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  • Document everything you can remember.
  • Take photos of vehicle damage and accident scene.
  • Take witness contact information and detailed witness account.
  • Keep receipts for all out of pocket expenses.
  • Write down your account of the accident.
  • Keep a journal from the day of the incident onward of any abnormal feeling about your body.
  • Take photos of any property damage and any visible signs of injury.
  • The more detail you have the easier it is for us to assess your case.
  • Insurance companies tend to focus on profit, which is why an attorney is helpful in ensuring you are properly compensated.


Emergency Medical Costs
Ongoing Medical Care
At-Home Nursing Care
Physical Therapy
Missed Wages
Assistive Medical Equipment
Lost Earning Capacity
Emotional Distress
Pain And Suffering


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Our office is in Delray Beach but we accept cases throughout Palm Beach County including – Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, and Lake Worth.

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