We strive to give you effective, empathetic and efficient legal support during your most difficult times.

Have you suffered a major financial loss, injury, or death of a loved one because someone else was careless? Are you now struggling to get compensated fairly?

If you’re facing hardship because someone else was negligent, you’re not alone. A personal injury lawyer at Dyson Law PLLC is here to secure your compensation so that you can make your comeback after a serious injury or accident.

If you’re struggling to get the help you need, reach out to an attorney. We have the tools you need and the compassionate touch you deserve when facing a personal injury lawsuit.


Dyson Law PLLC
Is Your Top Choice

  • We Represent with Compassion

    We know a serious accident can leave you hurt, suffering, and worried for your family. You shouldn’t have to deal with that alone.

    The size of the firm is not what is important, but the impact on you is what matters! We’re not a giant settlement mill that doesn’t care about the outcome of your case. We give each of our clients personalized attention, so you know that we’re focused on you and your recovery.

  • We Don’t Settle for Less

    After a serious injury, you need compensation that covers all the devastating damages you’ve suffered because of the accident. Unfortunately, the insurance company may try to avoid a high payout. Many law firms may settle for whatever amount the insurance company tries to offer.
    We don’t settle if you’re not getting the funds you’re due. If the insurance company refuses to settle fairly, we’re prepared to take your claim to court and fight for a fair result.
  • Your Consultation Is Free

    Choosing a lawyer can be difficult. An attorney should represent your interests and be prepared to act on your behalf. Because that’s a tough choice, you don’t want to spend money reaching out for initial consultations just to learn more about the firm.

    Instead, we offer free consultations. We’ll speak to you before you choose to pursue a claim with our firm. Knowing more before you sign anything can help both your claim and peace of mind.

  • If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay

    We understand how costly a lawsuit can be, and we know paying out of pocket for your expenses is a major concern. If you’re worried about adding attorney fees and costs to those expenses, don’t be—you won’t pay out of pocket for Dyson Law PLLC’s services.

    If we win, your fees and costs will be deducted directly from your settlement. In the event we don’t win your case, you don’t pay a cent for our services or reimburse us for our costs.


Practice Areas

     Steps to the Personal Injury
Claim Process

  • 1

    Identify the At-Fault Party

    After a serious injury, you need to secure the funds to cover your medical bills and other expenses following the accident. But to get that compensation, you need to know who’s financially liable for your injuries.

    Proving fault isn’t easy. It is even harder because of the pressure from your injuries and other damages. It can feel impossible without legal representation. Let us take the burden of identifying the at fault party.

  • 2

    Calculate Your Damages

    It’s easy to settle for less, only to pay out of your own pocket in the future. Your economic and non-economic damages are vital for your future health, so calculating your losses is vital to your recovery.

    Your personal injury lawyer at Dyson Law PLLC will have the tools you need to determine exactly what your claim is worth. We don’t settle for less when it comes to your needs in a lawsuit.

  • 3

    Let Your Lawyer Represent You

    When you’re facing a serious injury and you need to take legal action, it is easy to make a mistake that costs you your settlement. Worse, juggling your lawsuit and your recovery is overwhelming and can leave you lacking on one or the other.

    Getting a lawyer who’s dedicated to securing the funds you need for medical care, property replacement, and other needs can be crucial to your recovery. Your lawyer can represent you in the courtroom, negotiate settlements with the insurance company, and untangle complex legal claims to make your recovery easier for you.


About the Firm

Attorney and founder Peter A. Dyson leads the team at Dyson Law PLLC, handling both day-to-day management and representing clients in the courtroom. Along with the core team of legal professionals in the office, Mr. Dyson gives each client his attention, focus, and compassion throughout their legal claim.

Our team doesn’t shy away from complicated claims that may take time and effort to untangle, either. We’re committed to getting our patients the results they need, no matter how long it takes to get those results.

At Dyson Law PLLC, we don’t shy away from lawsuits of any size. We’ve handled both small claims and multi-million dollar cases with complex details. Our team is here to help you succeed.

Don’t Wait Get Legal Aid Now

If you’ve been hurt by another person’s carelessness and you need help, our lawyers at Dyson Law PLLC are ready to handle your case with compassion and care. All you have to do is focus on your health and recovery while we tackle the legal details of your claim. We offer free consultations for our clients, so you know what to expect before you file your claim.

When you’re ready to speak with an attorney, reach out by calling (561) 903-2532. You can also reach out by filling out our online contact form below.

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