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Defective products shouldn’t end up in the hands of consumers. Unfortunately, companies cut corners and mistakes happen. 

Every year, millions of individuals suffer serious injuries due to these defective products that make it to the public. Most consumer products have the potential to cause injuries due to the defects they’re sold with. Sometimes the risk is obvious, while other times it may not be. 

Florida product liability laws protect consumers from these faulty or defective products. If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to this compensation. At Dyson Law, PLLC, we’re prepared to help you get this compensation and recover, so reach out to a Boca Raton product liability lawyer for guidance. 

Types of Liability Cases

When opening a Boca Raton product liability lawsuit, you need to know what type of case you’re facing. There are three different types of liability cases, and these cases all relate to product liability.

But how do you know where to begin? Talk to your lawyer about these types of liability and what you can do to take action and get compensated:

  • Strict Liability – Strict liability applies to the majority of product liability cases. The injured person has to prove a defect is present in the product and that it caused the injury. The manufacturer may be strictly liable for the damages, even if extreme care was taken during manufacturing to prevent this. 
  • Negligence – The claimant must show that the manufacturer had a duty to sell products safe for consumers to use.  The consumer then has to show that the manufacturer breached their duty to do so. The injured party also has to prove that the manufacturer knew, or should have known that their product was defective but sold it anyway, and their injuries came from this defective product. 
  • Breach of Warranty – There are two types of warranties: expressed and implied. Expressed warranties are guarantees about the product from the seller. Implied warranties also promise that the specific product will not cause harm when used correctly, but are not written guarantees. If either type of warranty is breached, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. 

Types of Product Defects

Under Florida law, there are a few ways a product can be dangerously defective. Knowing where your defective product case falls can help you determine who’s liable for your Boca Raton product defect case. 

Using a knowledgeable law office can help you determine which type of defect your product injury falls under. 

Design Defect

A defect in the design of a product is an imperfection found in the design of a product. This defect can make the product unreasonably dangerous to the user even when used correctly. The product is usually made to specifications.

Since the design is flawed in this one product, every product created with the same design is also flawed. All products using the same design would have the same defect. Generally, this means many people would bring up the same case with the same type of injuries. 

Manufacturing Defect

Manufacturing defects happen in one or a few of the products, not all of them. It happens during the manufacturing process. This results in a deviation from the product’s design. For example, contaminated medication may be a defective product because the medicine was tampered with during manufacturing. 

Quality control measures are usually taken by manufacturers to help prevent these defects from reaching their consumers. Unfortunately, accidents happen, leaving you eligible for a Boca Raton product liability claim. 

Marketing Defect

Marketing defects are flaws in the way products are marketed to consumers. These are also known as failure-to-warn cases in court. 

Some examples of this type of defect include missing instructions or insufficient warning labels. Any instructions given with a product should be clear and concise and any potential risks should be warned against the consumer on product labels for product safety

Recovering Damages in a Boca Raton Product Liability Case

If you’ve been injured due to a defect in a product, it is important to know what damages you can recover. Both financial and non-financial damages can be recovered depending on the case and what has been lost due to the injuries. Some damages you can expect to recover during these cases include:

  • Loss of quality of life
  • Disfigurement 
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of future earning capacity 

Connect with a Product Liability Lawyer in Boca Raton 

If you’ve been injured because of defective products, work with a knowledgeable law team that understands product liability laws in Florida. These products can cause serious damage or even death. Don’t let the company get away with this—seek out a Boca Raton product liability lawyer instead.

Here at Dyson Law, PLLC, we have attorneys that you can speak with regarding the product liability case you feel you may have. Call us today at 561-498-9979 to set up a time to connect with us. 

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