Boca Raton Bus Accident Lawyer

Commuting in a large bus is different from riding in a regular passenger vehicle. They’re bigger and bulkier, and usually, many people are riding unbuckled. The buses often do not come equipped with seatbelts. The safety standards within these vehicles and precautions taken are different from a traditional passenger vehicle accident. 

Unfortunately, while they’re built for passenger safety, painful and dangerous accidents still happen. The responsibility for the collision can sit with multiple parties. Understanding your rights after a bus accident is important, and a Boca Raton bus accident lawyer at Dyson Law, PLLC are here to help you secure your rights and your compensation. 

Bus Accident Liability in Boca Raton

Florida is a no-fault state. This means those injured in a bus accident have to first submit their injury claims to their own insurance company for payment. If the costs required for care exceed what the individual’s policy covers, they have the option to pursue a compensation claim. 

The claim can be made against the bus driver, company, or municipality if it was a public transport system. Claims against municipalities like Boca Raton are more complex, and there is a shorter window of time to file. 

These no-fault claims are ideal for minor injuries, but if serious injuries were sustained, a lawsuit should be pursued. This can help pay for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Drivers and passengers of other vehicles involved in an accident with a bus can pursue damages against the bus driver when they have serious injuries. The injuries have to be classified as catastrophic according to Florida law.

According to Florida’s pure comparative negligence law, even if the other driver was partially at fault, they can still receive financial compensation for their damages. They’d receive a percentage depending on how much they were at fault compared to the bus driver.

Bus Accidents vs. Car Accidents

Bus accident claims can be more complex and difficult than car accidents. This is because more than one person is usually filing a claim at the same time. While the bus driver may be completely at fault for the entire accident, the company or transportation system the driver works for may be liable for these Boca Raton bus accident claims. 

Claims can be filed against all the responsible parties of the accident in Florida as long as the injuries exceed their personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage. This includes claims made by injured passengers to the other drivers involved in the crash. 

The filing rules become complicated because the injury must be able to qualify as serious enough to warrant additional damage requests. This is why seeking out an experienced bus accident attorney can be beneficial. They can offer guidance and even represent you in a Boca Raton courtroom.

Trust in a Boca Raton Bus Accident Lawyer 

Don’t let a bus accident get the best of you. A Boca Raton bus accident case is usually not a simple process, so seek advice from an experienced bus accident lawyer. Speak with the attorneys at Dyson Law, PLLC that understand Florida laws and what to expect when making a claim against a bus.

Ready to talk to a Boca Raton bus accident lawyer? Reach out for a free consultation by calling 561-498-9979 or by completing the following online contact form. 

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