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While car accidents are a relatively commonplace occurrence, they are still incredibly stressful. Dealing with sudden stressors like injuries, unexpected financial obligations, and damage to your mode of transportation can be incredibly difficult.

Car accidents are a significant disruption to daily life, and unfortunately, they can be prolonged to last months, and even years, if they aren’t handled correctly. However, with the right representation, the experience can be relatively painless. Dyson Law, PLLC is home to personal injury attorneys with the drive and compassion that has made them a name in Delray Beach and the rest of South Florida.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Delray Beach

If you have suffered a car accident, the very first step is to seek medical attention regardless of how you are feeling. Because the human body’s natural response to trauma is to produce adrenaline, which works to kill pain signals, it can be very difficult to accurately assess your physical state following a car accident.

Getting checked out by a medical professional can save you a lot of pain in the long run. Sometimes injuries don’t become noticeable until hours or even days after the accident. At that point, they may have been worsened by your normal routine.

Getting seen immediately will not only ensure that you are treating your body well, but it also provides a written record that can be admitted in court should you choose to pursue legal action.

After getting seen by a medical professional, the next step would be to take as many photos as possible of the scene. Take photos of your car, of the other car, and of anything else that may be pertinent should the case go to court.

Lastly, it is important to collect contact information from anyone who was involved in or witnessed the accident. Contact information includes email addresses and phone numbers.

Who is Liable for Delray Beach Car Accidents?

Florida is a no-fault state. That means each person’s medical expenses are covered by their own insurance, regardless of who caused the accident. The policyholder’s children, members of their household, and any passengers in the car at the time without their own insurance can be covered by the policyholder’s insurance.

In Florida, you cannot sue for non-economic damages like pain and suffering unless your injuries are extreme in the eyes of the state. Serious injuries include permanent scarring or disfigurement, loss of a significant bodily function, permanent injury or pain, or death. If your injuries fall into this category, you are able to sue for non-economic damages.

No-fault coverage refers specifically to insurance policies. The court will still recognize the at-fault driver should a case be filed. Additionally, while your insurance covers your own medical bills, you can choose to sue for compensation for your damaged vehicle.

Finding a Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have suffered a car accident in Delray Beach, Florida, don’t wait to seek representation. At Dyson Law, PLLC, we are home to some of the most compassionate, experienced personal injury attorneys in Florida, and we are ready to defend you with the aggression your case warrants.

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