South Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Dyson Law PLLC advocates for motorcycle accident victims, helping them recover much-needed compensation to pay for medical care, replace lost income, and more.

South Florida Motorcycle Accidents

With the beautiful scenery and ideal weather, Florida is a popular state for motorcyclists. While many people ride without incident, that isn’t always the case. In fact, Florida is one of the most dangerous states for motorcyclists, with a high rate of injuries. With little protection during accidents, those injuries are often catastrophic or even fatal. Sadly, the circumstances that cause the accidents are often entirely out of motorcyclists’ hands. They are victims of negligence and must take steps to hold the at-fault party or parties responsible.

Because these injuries are life-changing, filing a legal claim is critical. Dyson Law PLLC will tirelessly investigate your claim and fight for your rights. With our help, you can work toward getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Common Causes of South Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are caused by a multitude of reasons. Common reasons include:

  • Changing lanes without checking the blind spot
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Distracted driving


If you are in a motorcycle accident, contact 911 immediately. Injuries can be severe, so you should get prompt medical attention. If you are able, document the scene. However, if your injuries are too significant, ask a witness to take photographs for you. You should also collect information from witnesses, so your Delray Beach motorcycle accident attorney can interview them before filing your claim.

Do not admit fault to the police or the other driver’s insurance company. Also, avoid taking a settlement before contacting an attorney. Insurance companies often try to settle cases for much less than the victim deserves. Injuries from motorcycle accidents can be devastating, leading to long-term problems. Your attorney will value your claim to help you receive enough compensation to help you today and in the future.

Our Reputation Is The Proof!

Through our years of practice, our team at Dyson Law PLLC has been able to secure outstanding results for many individuals and families who have suffered harm as a result of negligent and wrongful conduct.


If the other driver’s insurance company blames you for the accident, you might think you need to cut your losses and move on. However, you might not be at fault for the accident. Insurance companies sometimes blame the victim to avoid compensating them.

Also, you might be eligible for damages, even if you contributed to the accident. Florida is a pure comparative negligence state, so you can file a claim for damages, even if you are as much as 99 percent at fault. The court will reduce the damages you collect based on your percentage of fault. Instead of giving up on your claim, contact a Delray Beach motorcycle accident attorney to learn more.


You are likely concerned about finances after your motorcycle accident. Between medical bills and missed work, it’s hard enough to keep up with your bills without adding in legal fees. Dyson Law PLLC won’t take a fee unless you receive a settlement or win in court. You can move forward with your case without worrying about money when you choose Dyson Law PLLC.


Florida had a universal helmet law on the books until 2000. Now, riders over 21 years of age don’t have to wear a helmet. You do have to carry at least $10,000 of medical payment insurance if you ride without a helmet. You can still sue for damages if you do not wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle.

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