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Although the rules of the road make it clear that drivers are to give the right of way to pedestrians, pedestrians are often at risk of being injured by negligent drivers. Because the pedestrian has no protection against the impact of a vehicle, an accident can often lead to catastrophic injuries and, in some unfortunate cases, wrongful death.

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What Do I Do If I’ve Been Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian?

It’s important to remember that nobody is going to be looking out for your best interests, except for you. Once you’ve been hit, try to gather as much information and take as many precautions as possible to protect yourself and to set yourself up for success in the long run. If you are unable to do these due to injury – ask a witness or bystander to help you.

Protect yourself physically, legally, and financially through the following:

  • Move Out of the Street: If you’re conscious and physically able, try to move out of traffic to a sidewalk or driveway. Keep as calm as possible so that you can communicate to the necessary people and so that you will look better in official reports, such as a police report.
  • Ask the Driver to Remain at the Scene: Even if you think you’re okay, ask the driver to stay close and wait until police arrive and take a report. With the adrenaline, you might not realize the extent of your injuries until later. If the driver hits you and runs, try to take photos of the car or find witnesses that might help you.
  • Call the Police: Call the police and wait for them to arrive. Once they do, give them as much information as possible to put into their report.
  • Get the Driver’s Information: While you wait for the police, write down or take pictures of the driver’s license information, license plate number, and insurance information. Get the names and numbers of any witnesses nearby as well and ask them if they can remain at the scene until the report is filed.
  • Take Photos: Take pictures of everything you can. Take pictures of yourself, your injuries, the car, the intersection, street signs, the weather (i.e. if the ground was icy, slippery, etc…), and anything that might help your case.
  • Tell Your Side of the Story – but NOT on Social Media: Don’t post anything about your accident in the moment on a social media platform. Instead, wait until police arrive and give them as detailed of an account of the accident as possible from your point of view. Additionally, call the police to review the report a few days later and see if the report is correct – don’t be afraid to fight to amend the information, if necessary.
  • Get Medical Attention Immediately: As soon as possible, go see your doctor or visit an E.R. or urgent care in your area. If you file an insurance claim for your injuries, it will help your claim if you visit a medical professional as soon as possible, otherwise they might assume that your injuries were not serious.
  • Call the Driver’s Insurance to Start a Claim: Call the driver’s insurance company to open a claim. Be careful to give them only basic information about what happened, such as: you were a pedestrian, you were hit by the driver, and you were hit on this date and at this time. Don’t let them pressure you into giving more detail until you’ve consulted with a lawyer.
  • Contact a Lawyer: Get in touch with a lawyer for advice on how to proceed and how to pursue the compensation you need to cover the damages or injuries you sustained. A lawyer will have more clout with the insurance company and will be able to fight for your side of the story.

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