Wrongful Death

South Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers

Dyson Law PLLC has secured millions of dollars in wrongful death trial verdicts for surviving family members.

South Florida Wrongful Death Lawyers

It’s hard to communicate the pain people experience after losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. The unexpected loss, coupled with the fact that it could have been avoided, is almost too much to bear. You can seek justice for your loved one by filing a wrongful death claim.

Dyson Law PLLC understands that this is a difficult time, and you need compassionate legal services. We don’t just want to win your case. We also want to help you through the process. Our Delray Beach wrongful death attorneys will be available to answer your questions and help you try to make sense of this tragedy. While we are compassionate with our clients, we are tenacious when negotiating and litigating claims. We have secured millions of dollars in wrongful death verdicts. We understand that these cases are about much more than money, though. Through legal actions, we hold people accountable and prevent them from harming others.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death

Wrongful deaths are caused by various circumstances. Common causes include:


Dyson Law PLLC’s experienced team of litigators has recovered millions of dollars for surviving family members in wrongful death lawsuits.

Peter Dyson and Kenneth Metnick (deceased) also secured a $5 million jury verdict for the father of a plane crash victim in Broward County. His adult son passed away in a crash that took the lives of the plane’s four passengers and pilot. The insurance carrier refused to provide a fair settlement, so Peter Dyson and Kenneth Metnick (deceased) took the company to trial and won.

Dyson Law PLLC also received a 1.2 million dollar settlement for a husband whose wife was killed in a car crash. Before the crash, she had a life expectancy of 3-5 years due to other medical conditions.

These are just two of Dyson Law PLLC’s notable wrongful death cases. The firm has a reputation for aggressively pursuing these cases during negotiations and in trial.

Our Reputation Is The Proof!

Through our years of practice, our team at Dyson Law PLLC has been able to secure outstanding results for many individuals and families who have suffered harm as a result of negligent and wrongful conduct.


Florida law allows the surviving spouse, children, and parents to file wrongful death claims. Also, relatives who relied on the deceased for financial support can file such a claim. Children who file wrongful death claims are eligible for more in damages if they are under the age of 25.

Dyson Law PLLC has handled cases for individuals and groups. For instance, you can file a claim by yourself as a surviving spouse, or you can join with other family members for the claim.


You can file a claim to collect damages for the money you spent as a result of the wrongful death. You also might be eligible to collect compensation for loss of guidance, companionship, and support. The court also might award damages to compensate for future financial support. If the defendant’s actions were grossly negligent or intentional, the court could also award punitive damages. Along with increasing the amount of compensation you receive, punitive damages punish the defendant for his or her actions.


Florida’s statute of limitations is two years for wrongful death cases. This gives your Delray Beach wrongful death attorney time to investigate the case, determine fault, and value the claim. Your attorney can also negotiate with the insurance company before taking the case to trial if needed. Don’t wait until the statute of limitations is close to ending. By starting the process early, you will give your attorney ample time to build a case with compelling evidence.

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