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In West Palm Beach, accidents can occur unexpectedly at any moment. Whether it’s a car accident on I-95 or a slip and fall at a local business, the aftermath can be overwhelming. A personal injury lawyer can be your best ally in handling your personal injury claim and helping you through this complicated legal process.  

When do I need a personal injury lawyer?

The answer is simple – as soon as you can. If you’re involved in an accident, whether it’s a slip and fall, a car crash, or any other incident resulting in injury, professional legal help is crucial. Promptly contacting a personal injury lawyer allows for a thorough investigation of the incident, and collection of evidence, and ensures that you don’t miss any critical deadlines, such as the statute of limitations. This can significantly enhance your chances of securing your rights and maximizing your compensation.

How much do personal injury lawyers charge in West Palm Beach?

Typically, most personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay nothing upfront, and your lawyer only gets paid if they win your case. This fee structure aligns the lawyer’s interests with yours, as they are motivated to achieve the best possible outcome. The attorney’s fee is usually a percentage of the settlement or judgment, making legal representation accessible to those who might not afford it otherwise.

We Provide Relentless Representation for West Palm Beach Personal Injury Victims

You can encounter a personal injury in many different ways, though almost all cases have one thing in common, i.e., it changes the lives of victims in seconds. The injury disrupts your life and jeopardizes your financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing. You are frustrated by the inconvenience, especially if the accident or event could have been easily prevented.

Injuries Caused by Negligence

As the Leading West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys we’ve learned negligence leads to many injuries. Negligence is what commonly leads to traffic accidents. The Florida Department of Highway Safety, states that 26,000 accidents have taken place through the years 2015-2017. Not to mention that thousands of injuries happen for other reasons each day.

Number of Car Accidents in 2022 – Palm Beach County

  • Total number of crashes = 25,011
  • Injuries caused by these crashes = 15,270
  • Crashes that resulted in Fatalities = 232

Palm Beach County’s Most Dangerous Intersections:

  • 100 crashes at Military Trail and Forest Hill Boulevard, Palm Springs
  • 91 crashes at Military Trail and PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens
  • 84 crashes at Military Trail and Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach
  • 82 crashes at both Atlantic and Congress Avenues and Atlantic Avenue and Interstate 95, Delray Beach
  • 79 crashes at Military Trail and Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach
  • 79 crashes at Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard and Robbins Drive, West Palm Beach
  • 76 crashes at Military Trail and Northlake Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens
  • 74 crashes at both State Road 7 and Forest Hill Boulevard, Wellington, and Congress Avenue and 45th Street, West Palm Beach

Through our hard work, knowledge, and diligence, we’ve helped our clients recover millions of dollars. Many settlements and verdicts have resulted in multi-million dollar compensations for our clients. However, every case is unique and may have its unique facts, legal issues, and circumstances. But our approach is to work hard so that clients get compensated in the best possible way. The compensation includes reimbursement of various expenses like medical, property damage, wage loss, and suffering.

All personal injury incidents can take its toll on not only victims but their families. Whether it was a traffic accident or some other type of preventable accident that caused your injury, recovering resources should be a no-brainer. When that injury leads to loss of income and burdens you with medical expenses and emotional distress, call us to guide you through this ordeal. We will guide you even if a family member has lost their life. Please call 561-498-9979 for a free consultation.

  • We Serve Clients Across West Palm Beach.
  • We are attorneys that are available 24/7.
  • We offer free consultations for auto accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, and others.

What role does insurance play in a personal injury case?

In our opinion, as West Palm Beach Your insurance company will never offer you a fair settlement. The company’s goal is to give you the least amount of money to make the most massive profit. Our commitment is to ensure that these companies’ tactics to reduce what victims get paid don’t work. We are familiar with their schemes both in and out of court, and we counter it.

How to choose the best personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach?

Selecting the right personal injury lawyer requires careful consideration. Look for a lawyer who:

  • Has experience with a solid reputation.
  • Has a history of successful settlements and verdicts.
  • Can provide positive reviews and referrals.
  • Has a strong track record.
  • Can communicate and is compassionate.
  • Is dedicated to your case.
  • Is supportive throughout the legal process.

Our previous track record of success is proof of our capabilities:

  • A $5 million wrongful death verdict compensating a father lost his son in a plane crash.
  • We obtained a $299,000 settlement (full underlying uninsured motorist policy plus). This case was a wrongful death claim where the elderly husband only lived a short time after the car crash killed his wife.
  • We obtained a substantial confidential settlement against a well known Big Box Store.
  • We obtained a substantial confidential settlement against a well known Super Market.

We have an amazing legal team, so you are assured that we have the resources to do the job right. A no-fee guarantee ensures that you don’t need to pay us anything until you are compensated.

Top Personal Injury Claim Types

Vehicle Accidents: Anyone who is the victim of a car accident should contact us. We’ll help gather all the evidence, build your case, and do everything we can to ensure that you get compensated.

Truck Accidents: When a semi-truck collides with a human being, it causes severe damage. Our lawyers in West Palm Beach can help you recover the compensation you need for lost wages, pain, and medical expenses.

Motorcycle Accidents: When a car driver is negligent, they can potentially kill the most skilled motorcyclist. Call us today to evaluate your case.

Bicycle Accidents: Often, these can result in severe injuries, and victims need to take legal action against the negligent driver. Many people do not know this, but you can also claim benefits from your own uninsured motorist company. Ensure you protect your rights by contacting us for a free evaluation.

Pedestrian Accidents: As a pedestrian, if a vehicle or something else hits you, contact us immediately. We can help build a case against the negligent party so that you are compensated.

Slip and Fall Personal Injuries: At best, slip and falls can cause serious injuries, but they have also been proven to be fatal. Our attorneys have the experience to ensure that victims get a good chance at getting the compensation they deserve.

Boating Accidents: If you were in a passenger of a boat, which then led to a personal injury, be assured we can help you recover damages and compensation.

Wrongful Death: When an accident takes the life of a loved one, you will need a skilled team of personal injury attorneys to help you get rightful compensation.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Avoid lawyers who promise quick settlements, who don’t communicate well, or who lack experience in personal injury law. Quick settlements might seem appealing, but they often result in lower compensation. Ensure that the lawyer you choose is willing to thoroughly investigate your case and fight for your best interests. Remember, your lawyer should be your advocate and guide through this complex process, providing clear guidance and regular updates.

What to expect during a personal injury claim process?

You can expect phases such as investigation, negotiation, and under some circumstances, litigation. Each stage involves detailed work: investigating the accident, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and potentially representing you in court if a settlement isn’t reached. Remember, each case is unique, and the timeline can vary. Your lawyer will provide a personalized approach based on the specifics of your case, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Is it necessary to take a personal injury case to court?

Not always. Many personal injury cases are settled out of court. However, if a fair agreement cannot be reached, your lawyer will be prepared to fight for you in court. Taking a case to court can be necessary to achieve just compensation, especially if the insurance company offers a low settlement. An experienced lawyer will prepare your case meticulously, ensuring that all evidence is presented effectively to support your claim.

How to prepare for your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer?

To make the most of your initial consultation, bring all related documents, such as medical records, accident reports, and any communication with insurance companies. Have your questions ready, and be prepared to discuss your case in detail. Most importantly, be honest and open with your lawyer. 

Now, are you ready to take the next step? Contact the Dyson Law Firm today for a free consultation and let our expert team guide you through your personal injury claim. We are here to provide the support and counsel you need during these challenging times. With our experienced and compassionate approach, you can focus on your recovery while we handle the legal complexities.

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